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Discover the ultimate in home air purification.

Air Doctor™ offers these 6 unique features:

  • UltraHEPA™ Filter
  • Dual-Action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter
  • Auto-Mode
  • Change Filter Alert
  • Quiet WhisperJet Fans
  • 100% Sealed System

100X more effective than ordinary HEPA filters, AirDoctor’s UltraHEPA Filter is able to capture 100% of airborne allergens and pollutants at 0.003 microns in size, including dust, pollen, mold spores, cigarette smoke, pet hair and dander, and helps reduce airborne germs, bacteria and viruses.

The AirDoctor combines our UltraHEPA filter with our proprietary, dual-action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter to remove dangerous ozone, gases and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and toxic fumes.

AirDoctor features also include auto-mode and a change filter alert to take the guesswork out of air purification. With our exclusive professional WhisperJet fans, and a 100% sealed system to ensure all the air you breathe is pure and filtered, you can run AirDoctor at the highest speeds while still enjoying a peaceful home environment.